Last week, we talked about tip #1, Personality – and the importance of selecting a destination venue that is true to who you are at your core.  This week, tip #2 is all about the Guest Experience – this is sooooo important to me for my clients!  

2. Guest Experience – Ultimately the best weddings are those where the guests can’t stop talking about how much fun they had, and how well they were taken care of.  The guest experience is critical to a well-produced event. Some things to think about — How close is the location to the airport? Do the guests have to hop on a boat?  Do they need a travel visa? What kind of currency will they need? Do they need any shots? What is the local lingo? No matter where the destination is, it is important to provide essential and helpful information for your guests — research passport and/or visa requirements, provide a realistic itinerary, and remember to balance events with adequate down time so your guests can both explore and relax. No one likes to be over-scheduled! No matter what destination you choose, make sure to envision the event through the eyes of your guests. Imagine them on your suggested itinerary, provide them with a list of packing essentials (i.e. bug spray), etc., and when they arrive, provide them with a lovely welcome gift!  As a destination wedding planner, hand-holding is my specialty — but you can easily do hand-hold too! Here are some images from our wedding in Vietnam  — one of my favorite destinations!  See the entire gallery here.

xoxo  -Lisa

Destination Wedding | Lisa Vorce | VietnamCopyright Aaron Delesie 0190

photo credit Aaron Delesie