Kind words from our clients are the greatest testimony to our work. And they bring us so much joy! Here are some of the lovely "DEAR LISA" letters we've received.

Lisa Vorce | Thank You Notes

Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude for you and your staff! The entire weekend was absolutely amazing, breathtaking, and more than I could have ever hoped for! Y’all made everything so seamless and easy for us! My only regret is that y’all weren’t able to hang out and have fun with us! Now I feel like we need to plan an anniversary party or 30th birthday party or something so we can do it all over again- I’m sad it’s over! Thank you again for all of your hard work and planning, it definitely did not go unnoticed. It was the most beautiful weekend!

You and your team have come through beyond what we could have even imagined–your creativity, your calm, your capable HANDS…all worked together to make the best wedding experience ever ever ever! We had SO many people (and people who know!) say this was the absolute BEST event they’ve ever attended! And OBVIOUSLY that goes for US! You’ve made our daughter and new son so happy–everything was truly a fairytale! Lewis–You are a gem, invaluable! I want to wrap you up and take you home and let you be our sunshine every day! What you bring others, and what you bring your family, is so beyond your (as Elena says, “Mr. Fixer” skills!). You have a gift of compassion….You ROCK, darling!! You speak of your team with such love and enthusiasm, and truly, they mirror you! You have stretched their abilities by being such an encourager and visionary (can that be possible?!), and who knows where you’ll levitate to next!! We cannot believe you did all of this for us–we are blessed–you have blessed us so much–we can simply never ever thank you enough, but know we will always consider you all angels, in the “highest” sense of the word!!
Gayla C (Mother of the Bride!)

Lisa and Team,
Thank you for making our wedding so spectacular. You made all our ideas and dreams a reality- something that I didn’t think was possible. I couldn’t imagine planning my wedding without your help, guidance and true expertise. You really made the whole process easy and the day of completely stress free for our entire family. Having you and your team organize everything from day one was a micro manager like me’s dream. I never worried for a second that everything would be perfect and every detail taken care of. I got so many compliments about all the “details” of the wedding and can’t tell you how many people told me it was the best wedding/ event they had ever attended. The vendors you work with are such pros and I feel lucky that I got to work with them as well as your whole team. I am looking forward to hopefully having another event one of these days to work with you on. Laura and Joe

Dear Lisa,
Look what you created! This was one of the most amazing weekends of our lives. The personal touch that you added to every detail made everything that much more spectacular. You created a world of wonder, beauty and complete perfection for us. You ROCK LISA! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dear Lisa,
There is no way I could ever begin to thank you not only for planning the most perfect wedding ever, but for being such an amazing friend to me and making the process so much fun. I cannot imagine our wedding without you. Beyond being so incredibly talented you are one of the warmest, kindest most amazing people I have ever met. Pete and I both love you dearly.
Bailey & Pete

Dear Lisa,
You were, for us, heaven-sent. Our very homegrown experience could never have generated such a perfect vision without you. Under your direction, our whole family grew in experience and love for each other and the project. You facilitated a true reflection of our spirit as a family. Your extreme dedication to Max and Day’s passionate vision was extraordinary, and only to be believed by those who witnessed the whole process and the fairytale outcome. Your staff was so sensitive and responsive. We grew to love having you guys around, gracefully keeping us on task and helping us to understand the magnitude and privilege of this unique experience. Lisa – you gave this to us. Little did we know the magnificence such a combined effort would yield. But as Peter would say – “We (all of us) hit this one out of the park.” We are so grateful. Thank you and all who helped. Your efforts go down in our family history. Much love and appreciation,
Storey & Peter

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for everything you have done for Alexander and me. I am so grateful for your amazing skill, sweet disposition and eternal patience. Alexander and I continue to receive compliments on the wedding, but the credit in all yours!
Elizabeth K

Dear Lisa, This thank you note is long overdue as I can’t express well in works how appreciative we are of all your effort and time in making our wedding more than we could ever dream it would be. You are truly the best! Your talent and passion really comes through in your work and results in a magical day. Thank you for making the wedding planning experience such a pleasure and so much fun!
Courtney & Andrew

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for being an amazing, strong, calm, artistic, inspiring woman who planned our wedding. You were always there for us – always patient – always trying to make one of my strange ideas work. Your suggestions were always so kind & helpful – your vendors were unique & did everything perfectly. Thank you for all of your insights & for listening in rough times – smiling in the good times & for dealing so well with the budget issues. We loved our weekend in Ojai. We’ll have incredible memories forever & we wanted to thank you for making it special & for being amazing. Thank you – always!
Tami G & Jon B

Dear Lisa, There is no way to adequately thank you for putting together the most fabulous parties ever. The first one was gorgeous and the second one even more gorgeous. But this one was off the charts! You are an extremely talented and beautiful young women. Thank you for all of the hard work over the years.
Nina Clooney

Lisa, Nushin and I truly feel lucky to have found you… You are not only the world’s greatest wedding planner, but a lost member of our extended family!! Thank for all the love, energy and care you put into making our wedding so perfect!
Nushin & Farhad

Lisa, Thank you for being… A professional A planner A confidante A problem solver A fashion consultant A therapist A financial adviser A chef A critic A hairdresser A consultant A power broker A mentor And a friend…we love you,

Dear Lisa, I can’t believe all of the excitement is over. You truly created the wedding of our dreams and we can’t thank you enough. Your energy, ideas and attention to detail was remarkable. You are such a sweetheart and you made the day flawless in every way. I already miss all the phone calls and you always had the right things to say. You are so dedicated to what you do and you are truly remarkable. Thank you for making our day perfect from start to finish.
Alison & Bill

Lisa, What can we say?!? Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for our wedding. It was absolutely perfect! Your attention to every last detail allowed us to just sit back and enjoy the day. Your hard work is appreciated! Thank you again for helping make Oct 14th the greatest day of our lives. Your friendship means so much!
Chandi & Paul

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for helping me create the wedding of my dreams! Words can’t express how wonderful every single thing was! Most of all the way in which the weekend unfolded and was experienced by each and every person who was there. It was magical! Everyone felt so taken care of, included, and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that they could relax and take in the whole weekend. This made it possible for Chris and I to actually relax and take in the experience as well! By the end of the weekend not only were Chris and I joined together through our hearts and minds, but also our two families and friends became united through the sharing of the splendid festivities! You are truly gifted in what you do and both Chris and I feel blessed to have found you! You were a joy to work with and the fruits of your labor were truly breathtaking to behold! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the memories and vision of our wedding will be with us always. Thank you for that gift!

Dear Lisa, What can I say? You are the most organized, wonderful, charming, creative and fabulous wedding planner any mother of the bride could hope plan her daughter’s wedding. I had the best time during the rehearsal dinner and of course the incredible wedding ceremony and reception. The extra bonus for me was watching you and your team work your magic. I loved witnessing the creative process in motion and then getting to enjoy the most amazing end result!!
Cid P

Dear Lisa, You are a divine talent. We love you! –Ginny & Tiger

Lisa, I know you told us not to get you anything, but we got you a small gift anyways because we just wanted you to know how much we loved working with you! You are the world’s best wedding planner and more. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer!
Patricia, Austin, Mom, Dad & Tiffany

My Dear Lisa, How can we ever thank you enough… our wedding was just perfect. You are simply amazing. –Elizabeth & Lee

We don’t even know where to begin to thank you for all you did for us for our wedding in Zacatecas!! We know you went above and beyond the call of duty on many aspects and, believe us, it did not go unnoticed. Seriously, you gave us the wedding of our dreams and it was truly perfect! Every single detail and thought behind it reflected who we are as a couple and that is what made it spectacular! You are amazing and we will forever be grateful to you for your professionalism, kindness, style, class, elegance, and of course, your “amor a Mexico”!!
Regina & Faheen

We will never be able to thank you for your amazing work and creativity. You are, quite simply, pure magic. You managed to create – out of thin air- the most perfect wedding on earth. We are forever in your debt. In addition to the genius you brought to the whole affair, you also managed to bring calm and peace to a series of events that most people find stressful and terrifying. With your mastery, the events were not just beautiful and memorable, they were wholly unique. You made every detail whimsical and radiant and we know that you brought so much love and thoughtfulness to every aspect. You are so wonderful and generous and we thank you for sharing your brilliance with us all.
Rob & Derdra

Dear Lisa,
Words cannot express how amazing you are and how much I appreciate you! Thank you for being an incredible wedding planner and much more! The wedding day surpassed my wildest dreams and I truly loved every moment of the planning process. I am so glad we were able to have you to help us create our wedding day vision. It was absolutely perfect and we would not have changed a thing! You really are one of a kind! Thank you again for creating an unforgettable wedding!

I cannot thank you enough for everything! My wedding was perfect! You are so talented and amazing! I’m forever indebted, forever a fan, and forever a friend!

Dear Lisa,
I can’t express well in words how appreciative we are of all your effort and time in making our wedding more than we could ever dream it would be! You are truly the best! Your talent and passion really comes through in your work and results in a magical day! Thank you for making the wedding planning experience such a pleasure and so much fun!

Well, what can I say? You’re the bomb! Love, love, love everything you did, your honesty with your opinions and, not to mention, your fabulous ideas for the wedding. You have made the entire process easy and flawless. Your sense of humor and calm presence have made our day a complete joy! Love you lots!
Nicole & Lee

Dear Lisa and team,
…I truly don’t know if a “thank you” is enough to let you guys know how wonderful everything was…. I had held on to the Martha Stewart magazine featuring the Laney and Matt Wedding. After showing them the spread it was decided that we would just call this Lisa Vorce and see. The rest is history. We all agree it was one of the best calls we ever made. We can’t imagine the process without Lisa and her team. You all know how important family is to us. Working with you all so closely has made us consider you family. The 10 months of planning were so exciting for Cliff and I and especially for my mom and me. It was an experience I know we will cherish for the rest of our lives. …You all made it absolutely perfect, warm and elegant – flawless. We couldn’t have imagined anything more beautiful and special…
Love Abby

Dear Lisa,
Jamie and Jabdiel’s wedding was spectacular – a platinum wedding, and it was that way because of you and your staff… From the details of the setting of the ceremony – the beautiful hoops, vintage sea glass bottles, pampas grass, succulents (all in keeping with the natural setting) to the cocktail reception on the beach. The tennis court was transformed into a magical setting that I could never visualize beforehand. The fabric provided such a beautiful backdrop for the reception. Your attention to detail was amazing… Jamie liked you from the beginning because as she said, “you were outside the box.” You always listened to her ideas with enthusiasm… Many thanks for all of your hard work, dedication, and passion to make Jamie and Jabdiel’s dream come true.
Much Love, Lindy

Dear Lisa,
…Where do I even begin with the thank-yous I have for you ladies? The wedding was beyond perfect! Two months later, Matt and I are still on such a high from our special weekend in Ojai…. Lisa, you will never know how much you mean to our entire family. For the last year and a half, it is hard to think of a family conversation where your name has not come up. …I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and the extra “love” it took to create such a special weekend for us. You promised Ojai would be the perfect destination and you were so right! Thank you for introducing us to our new favoring spot! I know I wasn’t your easiest bride by any means, but please know how much I appreciated your guidance and patience throughout the whole planning process. You are so talented, so creative and truly such a special lady. I feel so lucky that you and your amazing team were able to play such a significant role in my wedding…. Again, many thanks for everything! I hope our paths will cross again…
Love, Meryl

Darling Lisa & team,
For some reason the size of this card does not seem large enough to fit all of the things we have to thank you for We are quite positive we broke a record for the most emails sent by a client. Seriously! We realize how many demands we placed and at times we were fumbling our way through this process – but the grace, magic and expertise that is you – truly made our wedding weekend the most magical experience of our lives. Our family and friends were talking about it for weeks and its something we will never forget. Your team of angels were angels, buffers, errand runners, dog watchers, compliment givers, and emotional bodyguard. Send them our love… All our love,
Brad & Sarah

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for designing and planning a dream wedding for us! It was PERFECT! When I saw the ceremony site and then also the reception, all decorated on the wedding day, I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything looked! You are exceptionally talented and we are grateful to you!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Stay in touch!
Anna & Brook

Dear Lisa and team,
…Everything that was important to us you executed! …As you picked up, family, faith and friends are our priorities and the wedding event spoke to each of these so beautifully. …I could have never done this without you all. Your professionalism, your guidance, your style and class, and mostly your friendship and patience were our compass throughout the journey. I hope you could tell how much fun we all had as we celebrated this wonderful union of two very special and unique young people. It was perfect tin every way! …Again, I am beyond thrilled with everything! Hugs, hugs, hugs,

Dearest Lisa,
Can’t thank you again enough for your stellar efforts, ebullience, creativity and good energy in planning and pulling off our wedding. I thought it had the greatest vibe of any ceremony and party I could have imagined. Thanks, Blessings and love for a wonderful 2013. Your grateful fan,