ABOUT LISA – Put me in the highlands of Vietnam, a remote Caribbean island, a hacienda in Mexico, or a charming villa along the Amalfi Coast… and ask me to create. New destinations, new cultures, new design challenges feed my soul.  I’m not interested in mass-producing events. Through LISA VORCE CO, I’ve created a boutique experience for my clients.

I love my clients. I interview them as much as they interview me, and once we’ve decided on each other, I’ll do anything for them! I connect with my clients on a deep level so I can design and produce events that are genuinely infused with their personalities. My job is not done until I deliver a flawless event, and I hear…”This is the best event we’ve ever been to!” (at least a few dozen times!)

I also love my extraordinarily talented team, as well as my select vendors. They are creative geniuses, and they are fearless. I would never leave home without them.

My design studio is in the bottom floor of the beautiful loft I share with my darling husband, and our Jack-Russell / Chihuahua / Dachshund rescues Lola and Odie. You’ll often hear them barking in the background when we talk…xo,Lisa

photo by Elizabeth Messina